Create a packaging design for the new ETNO mineral water for RASA natural mineral water brand. The new product, called ETNO, clearly wanted to communicate its connection with people, the nation (Greek ethnos – nation), as a product with a very clear geographical reference — the ethnographic region of Dzukija.



We chose ethnoculture as a starting point when we started thinking about the packaging design. Ethnic culture is a system open to innovation, constantly creatively updated by all members of the ethnic group. We relied on this creative transformation when creating the ETNO mineral water packaging design, looking at it through a lens of a modernist Art Deco style.

In Lithuania we have a rather large heritage of Art Deco style, which uniquely integrated a number of elements of ethno-culture, used patterns and other folk motifs. By stylizing ethnic ornamentation in Art Deco style, we created a modern image with a clear reference to ethno heritage.